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PRESS RELEASE: 25 Hip Hop artists perform at Tokyo Fest in Tulsa, Oklahoma for a special night

We are excited to announce the success of the first annual Tokyo Fest presented by Souldout Music.

Tokyo Fest is the biggest Christian music festival in the midwest! On October 1, 2022, this event brought together some of the biggest names in Christian hip hop with new artists for an unforgettable night of music and worship. With the event being held in Tulsa, Oklahoma at Metropolitan Baptist Church, this is the perfect event and location for the fast growing music and creative community there.

25 artists traveled from across the United States to perform at this historic event. The headliners included Tokyo Souldout, Brvndon P, Mission, and Parris Chariz. This event brought together up and coming artists with well established artists for two nights of music and community. The event was not only monumental because it was the first of many Tokyo Fests, but it was also the first time that all nine artists from Souldout Music were together in-person. Souldout debuted their first single Pull Off and took the time to officially introduce a unified team to the industry.

Fans purchased tickets and drove 4-5 hours to attend Tokyo Fest. People of all ages filled the room for a night of powerful music and an uplifting experience. Fans have already contacted Souldout Music in eager anticipation for Tokyo Fest in 2023.

"Next year, Tokyo Fest will be bigger and better with more heavy hitters from the CHH community" says Brittani Jones, Chief Marketing Officer of Souldout Music. "This was our first time putting on a concert and I am proud of our team and grateful for the success of the event. There are things that we have planned for next year to make the experience even more monumental" says Jones.

Be on the lookout for more information for this historic event next year.

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