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PRESS RELEASE: Newest Recording Label Established - Souldout Music LLC

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Tokyo Jonez Announces the Launch of Recording Label Souldout Music LLC. Tulsa, Oklahoma – From proven artist to Chief Executive Officer, Tokyo Jonez is excited to announce the launch of his recording label Souldout Music LLC. This is a music label that will rise to the top of the music industry and will give those at the top of the industry a run for their money. The official launch date for Souldout Music LLC. was June 16, 2020 With their new team of four shareholders, Souldout Music believes their recording label will greatly impact every listener and will completely change the music industry. Souldout Music LLC will publish their music on all platforms, will bring Christian and secular artists together and will make an impact in their community and around the world. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, this record label plans to help rebuild the North Tulsa and Greenwood area. “Souldout Music LLC was created to be different from any other music label. With the goal of reaching the lost and being a voice for the kingdom [of Jesus Christ], we will create music that the world will never forget. Music Industry, get ready,” says Tokyo Jonez, the Chief Executive Officer of this new music label. Souldout Music LLC strives to reach the lost and be a voice for the kingdom. This label will be set apart. But don’t take their word for it, just watch. ###

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