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Music can change your mood, paint your experiences, and color your memories. Souldout Music believes that the right music can have a powerful influence, and since its establishment in 2020, has understood that music can be used to impact people of all backgrounds. They built their business on that exact premise, with the goal of reaching the lost and building kingdom over culture. They strive to create music that can reach all people of all backgrounds that the world will never forget. Their ability to walk in the room and change the atmosphere through the power of Christ should give you ample reason to pay attention and get in touch.

"I have adapted to the culture of every place I’ve gone[a] so that I could more easily win people to Christ." 1 Corinthians 9:22




President & Chief Executive Officer, Artist

As the CEO of Souldout Music LLC, Tokyo has unappologetically strived to reach the lost through relatable and genuine music. Tokyo knew from the beginning of his career he would be the hypiest CHH Rapper on the planet. While Tokyo has performed on big stages across the country, he says there's nothing like home and seeing your family and friends supporting the WAVE!